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Why English Language?

The importance of English can not be denied. It is an international language and it is a great medium of understanding and communication between different nations. It is the third most common native language in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish. Moreover, It has become the language of learning and knowledge in the 21st century. we can not march on the road of technical and scientific knowledge if we do not learn the English language.


The Backbone Of English

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Repeated Action

An action which happens again and again.

Formula: Subject + Verb 1st(form) + Object
  • I speak English.
  • You learn English.
  • They celebrate a party.


Modals Make Your English Perfect

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Should + Verb


It's talk about Suggestions, Advice, Order and Obligation.

Formula: Subject + Should + Verb 1st(form) + Object
  • You should come on time.
  • He should go to school.
  • We should speak English.

WH Questions

Make Your English Comprehensive

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Use for Inquiry about Timing.

Formula: When + Any Interrogative (Sentence)
  • When are you coming?
  • When will you go Islamabad?
  • When did you come?