Questioning word Why meaning is to know about a particular reason to someone.


Formula: Why + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

Wh Why

Inquiry about the Particular Reason.

  • Why do you always come late?
  • Why does Ali not go to school?
  • Why are they speaking Hindi Language?
  • Formula: Why + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

    More Examples

    Here are some more examples of questioning word Why with meanings.


    For Present

      • Why do you tease your friends? -I enjoy
      • Why are you calling Alina? -She will be sleeping.
      • Why are we waiting here? -Ali will not come today.
      • Why are they watching movies? -they had to go outside

    For Past

      • Why were you late? -I was busy
      • Why did you pay penalty? -That was my mistake
      • Why did you call me last night? -I had some work
      • Why did you not apply for a new job? -I am happy with this

    For Future

    • Why will we go outside? -There is cold outside
    • Why will you pay Extra charges for this? -I like it that’s why
    • Why will they not return your books? -They have lost that book
    • Why will you not give me back my cell phone? -I will but tomorrow

Asking Questions

Here are some Asking questions between Boss and Employ just for highlighting the use of questioning Word Why with meanings.

Alex: Why did you come late today Jhon?

Jhon: My car was having some problem that’s why.

Alex: So, Why did you not fixed your car first?

Jhon: I had some other work that’s why.

Alex: And Why did you not come yesterday?

Jhon: I Had some emergency in my home.

Alex: Why are you giving this lame excuses?

Jhon: It’s true Alex.