Questioning word Whose meaning is to tell about Belonging and possessions.


Formula: Whose + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

Wh Whose

Wh whose is used to tell about Possession or Belonging.

  • Whose money is this?
  • Whose mobile was that?
  • Whose Mobile phone is this?
  • Formula: Whose + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

    More Examples

    Here are some more examples of questioning word Whose with meanings.


    For Present

      • Whose lunch box has stolen? -Mine
      • Whose child is very genius? -My child.
      • Whose mobile phone is this? -It’s mine
      • Whose glasses is in your hand? -It’s Ali’s glasses.

    For Past

      • Whose mobile was in your hand? -My friend
      • Whose brother wanted to teach in our Academy?
      • Whose sister wanted to apply for a job? -My sister
      • Whose friend wanted to come to the party? -Ali’s friend

    For Future

    • Whose parents will come tomorrow?
    • Whose parents will not allow to go for a picnic? -My parents

Asking Questions

Here are some Asking questions between two persons they are in the parking area. it’s just for highlighting the use of questioning word Whose with meanings.

Alex: Whose car, is this?

Jhon: It’s my car, Alex.

Alex: and Whose car is that?

Jhon: I don’t know about that car, that’s not mine.

Alex: Whose car were you driving last night?

Jhon: That was my brother car.

Alex: Whose mobile phone was that you were using?

Jhon: That was my personal mobile.