Wh questioning word Whom is used for asking about the object of the verb or a person who is going to receive the action.


Formula: Whom + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

Wh Whom

Inquiry about Object of the verb.

  • To Whom are you going to invite? -My friends
  • To Whom is Ali hires for the job? -Designers
  • Whom did you meet? -I met with my friends
  • Formula: Whom + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

    More Examples

    Here are some more examples of WH Questioning word Whom with meanings.


    For Present

      • Whom do you call for support?
      • Whom are you calling? -My friend
      • Whom do you want to help you? -Poor peoples.
      • Whom do you want to thank for this Surprise? -Mr Adnan

    For Past

      • Whom did you see there? -My friend
      • Whom did he hire to do the job? -Workers
      • With whom did you go to market? -My sister
      • Whom did she blame for the accident? -The other driver

    For Future

    • To Whom did you give money? -Father
    • With whom will you come today? -Brother
    • With whom will you come to the party? -With my brother
    • With Whom would you like to play this game? -With my friend

Asking Questions

Here are some Asking questions between two brothers they are discussing the tomorrow party just for highlighting the use of questioning word Whom with meanings.

Alex: To Whom are you going to invite to the party?

Jhon: Just my friends will come to the party.

Alex: To whom were you calling?

Jhon: Yeah, that was my friend, he was asking about the party.