Questioning word WHO meaning is to know about a particular reason and a particular person.


Formula: Who + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

Wh Who

Inquiry about Particular Reason or Person.

  • Who are you? -I am Ali
  • Who is the owner of this school? -Mr. Ali
  • Who will come with me for shopping? -I will
  • Formula: Who + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

    More Examples

    Here are some more examples of questioning word Who with meaning.


    For Present

      • Who are they? -They are my friends.
      • Who is the founder of Microsoft? -Bill Gates
      • Who is the owner of this shop? -Mr Alex is the owner
      • Who is the person? Who got the first position in the class? -Alina.

    For Past

      • Who was absent yesterday? -Alina
      • Who was the person? -He was my friend
      • Who had played this game before? – I have played
      • Who was the first prime minister of Pakistan? -Liaquat Ali Khan

    For Future

    • Who will play cricket with us? -I will
    • Who will come with us for a picnic? -I will
    • Who will be there? -There will be one lady name Alina
    • Who will be the winner of this match? -I think Pakistan

Asking Questions

Here are some Asking questions between Boss and Employ just for highlighting the use of questioning word Who with meanings.

Alex: Who are you?

Jhon: I am Jhon.

Alex: and Who is the lady with you?

Jhon: She is my cousin, Alina.

Alex: And there was one boy with you yesterday, Who was that?

Jhon: He was my class fellow, But Alina is my cousin.

Alex: Ohh okay fine.

Jhon: Thanks, Alex.