Tense is a word derived from Latin word “tempus” which mean time. Grammatically, tense is a form of verb which tells us the time of action and the state of action. Its also called Active Voice tense and for passive voice tense.

Basic Concept

Here is basic concept of 12 tenses that how do we make the tense?

  • Simple Present Simple Past Simple Future
    I do I did I will do
    Present Continuous Past Continuous Future Continuous
    I am doing I was doing I will be doing
    Present Perfect Past Perfect Future Perfect
    I have done I had done I will have done
    Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous
    I have been doing I had been doing I will have been doing


Here is the simple present tense example which will help to understand in an easy way.

Example: Auxiliary Verb = Do / Does

Repeated Action

An action which happens again & again.


Formula: Formula: Subject + Verb 1st(form) + Object

  • I speak English.
  • You learn English.
  • They celebrate a party.

Basic Structures

The basic structures are:

Positive subject + auxiliary + main verb
Negative subject + auxiliary + not + main verb
Question auxiliary + subject + main verb

List of all Tenses

Here are the list of all English grammar tenses.

The Present Tenses

  • Present Simple
  • Present Progressive
  • Present Perfect
  • Present Perfect Progressive

The Past Tenses

  • Simple Past
  • Past Progressive
  • Past Perfect
  • Past Perfect Progressive

The Future Tenses

  • Future Simple
  • Future Progressive
  • Future Perfect
  • Future Perfect Progressive

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