The future continuous tense or Future progressive tense is used to indicate the future running action or activity, for a particular time period which will be occurred in future. It also indicates the Possibility and prediction and for Future perfect progressive tense.


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Future Running Action

we use it for future running action.

  • She will be giving a presentation.
  • Ali will be taking the class.
  • They will be celebrating the party.
Formula: Subject + Helping Verb(will be) + Verb-ing(form) + Object

More Examples

Here are some more Future progressive tense examples.


  • I will be eating spinach.
  • She will be watching a movie.
  • Alina will be taking the exam.
  • It will be raining the entire week.
  • They will be celebrating the party.
  • We will be enjoying a movie in cinema tomorrow.

  • She will not be watching a movie.
  • They will be celebrating the party.

  • Will she be watching a movie?
  • Will they be celebrating the party?

  • Will she not be watching a movie?
  • Will they not be celebrating the party?

Examples With WH Questions

Here are some more future continuous tense examples with WH Questions.


  • Where will you be waiting?
  • When will you be celebrating party?
  • How will Alina be a teaching in school?
  • What will he be doing all night long?
  • Where will she be a taking class in university?


Here are some contractions of Future Tense.

Full Form Contraction Example
I will I’ll I’ll play cricket
you will you’ll you’ll play cricket
he will he’ll he’ll play cricket
we will we’ll we’ll play cricket
they will they’ll they’ll play cricket
it will it’ll it’ll a unique pen
will not won’t She won’t come today