It means to challenge something to do. Those actions which we decide to do in any conditions.


Formula: Subject + Will End Up + Verb ing + Object

Will End Up + Verbing

Whenever we determine & take 100% chances to perform any action.

  • I will end up learning English.
  • She will end up taking the 1st position.
  • Ali will end up purchasing iPhone.
  • Formula: Subject + Will End Up + Verb-ing(form) + Object

    More Examples

    Here are some more examples of structure Will end up.


    • I will end up purchasing iphone.
    • She will end up making pizza.
    • Ali will end up giving a presentation.
    • Alina will end up shopping today.
    • We will end up going to a picnic.
    • They will end up playing cricket.

    • I will not end up passing the matriculation, I will study more.
    • We will not end up travelling to Lahore, we will go ahead.

    • Will I end up purchasing Iphone?
    • Will we end up going to a picnic?

    • Will I not end up purchasing iphone?
    • Will we not end up going to a picnic?