It gives the sense of that work which you did a few minutes before or very very near to past. It is your completed action that you have done. Just is often used with the present perfect tense.

In the present perfect tense, just comes between the auxiliary verb have and the past participle.


Formula: Subject + Helping Verb + Just + Verb 3rd(form) + Object

Just + Verb3rd

It means a short time ago.

  • He has just gone to market.
  • I have just taken the class.
  • I’ve just seen Ali coming out of the College.
  • Formula: Subject + Helping Verb ( Has / Have ) + Just + Verb 3rd (form) + Object

    More Examples

    Here are some more example sentences of Just.


    • Ali has just waken up.
    • I have just watched Movie.
    • We have just finished dinner.
    • He has just given a presentation.
    • Alina has just come from shopping.
    • They have just come from the office.
    • They have just announced the results.
    • Have you just taken my pencil? Where has it gone?.