We use it to talk about those actions that continued in the past time. And we use the helping verb of past continuous passive voice tense is (was, were) and for Past progressive active voice tense.


Formula: Object + Helping Verb + being + Verb 3rd(form) + By + Object

Running Action

We use it for past running action.

  • The class was being taken.
  • They were being awarded.
  • The Punishment was being given to the student.
Formula: Object + Helping Verb(Was/ Were) + being + Verb 3rd(form) + by + Object(subject of the Active Voice)

More Examples

Here are some more past continuous passive voice tense examples.


  • The punishment was being given.
  • Movies were being watched.
  • A Fight was being fought.
  • The plants were being watered.
  • Oscar award was being given by Tom Cruise.
  • The Food was being distributed to poor families.

  • The Punishment was not being given.
  • The plants were not being watered by the gardener.

  • Was punishment being given?
  • Were the plants being watered by the gardener?

  • Was punishment not being given?
  • Were the plants not being watered by the gardener?


Here you can easily understand the difference between Active Voice past continuous and Passive Voice of Past Progressive/Continuous tense by these examples.

Active Voice Passive Voice
He was playing a game on the computer. A game was being played by him on computer
She was baking pizza A pizza was being baked by her
They were watching movies The movies were being watched by them
The theatre was keeping a seat for you A seat was being kept for you