It talks about those actions that will start in future and also complete in future time. And we use the helping verb of the Future Perfect passive voice tense is (Will have) and forĀ Future perfect active voice tense.


Formula: Object + Helping Verb + been + Verb 3rd(form)

For Future

An action that will be completed in future.

  • The lecture will have been given.
  • Shopping will have been done.
  • The exam will have been conducted.
Formula: Object + Helping Verb(Will Have) + been + Verb 3rd(form) + by + Object(subject of the Active Voice)

More Examples

Here are some more future perfect passive voice tense examples.


  • The result will have been announced.
  • A birthday gift will have been given.
  • Timing will have been arranged for new classes.
  • Oscar award will have been given to celebrities.
  • Food will have been provided to poor families.

  • The result will not have been announced.
  • A birthday gift will not have been given.

  • Will result have been announced?
  • Will birthday gift have been given?

  • Will result have not been announced?
  • Will birthday gift have not been given?


Here you can easily understand the difference between future perfect Active Voice and future perfect Passive Voice tense by these examples.

Active Voice Passive Voice
He will have played Football Cricket will have been played by him
Parents will have given permission to Ali permission will have been given to Ali by Parents
Alina will have cooked food Food will have been cooked by Alina
When you’ll learn the lessons, you’ll have passed the examination When the lessons will be learned by you, the examination will have been passed by you