A Noun is a group of words that named person, place, thing, animal, quality, quantity, title, action. The Noun is a grammatical term that names anything we see, feel, touch, eat and drink. See Pronoun and it’s kinds.

Kinds of Noun

Here are the Kinds of Noun and examples of Noun.

Proper Noun (Dubai, Ali)

A noun which has a particular name is called Proper Noun.
Here are some proper noun examples

Ali is a decent Student.
Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan
Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

Common Noun( Boy, City )

Common Nouns

A noun which does not represent a specific person or thing is called a Common Noun.
Here are some common noun examples.

Some boys are standing outside.
Flowers spread the fragrance.
I have visited every city of my country.

Countable Noun( Chair, Student )

Countable Nouns

The number of things or items that can be countable easily is called Countable Noun. Here are some Countable noun example.

There are 30 chairs in the room.
There were 100 trees in the garden.
I have 32 teeth in my mouth.

Uncountable Noun( Water, Stars )

Uncountable Nouns

The number of things or items that can not be countable is called a UnCountable Noun.

Here are the uncountable nouns examples.

There are many stars in the sky.
I have plenty of hairs on my head.
There is a lot of water in the pond.

Concrete Noun( Chair, Board )

Concrete Nouns

A thing that is solid physically is called Concrete Noun.
Here are the concrete noun examples.


Abstract Noun( Emotions, Air )

Abstract Nouns

A noun which we can’t see but we can feel them is called Abstract Noun.
Here are abstract noun examples.

There is a fresh Air in the garden.
I am feeling fresh today.
Ali Loves her.

Singular Noun( Student, Boy )

Singular Nouns

A noun which is mention only one thing or single person is called Singular Noun.
Here are the singular noun examples.

Ali is a good student.
Alina is cooking food.
She is watching Television.

Plural Noun( Students, Boys )

Plural Nouns

A noun which is mention too may thing or persons is called Plural Nouns.
Here are some examples of plural nouns.

Boys are playing cricket on the ground.
Birds are chirping on the tree.
Students are taking a class.

Collective Nouns( Class, Team )

Collective Nouns

A noun which shows the group of the same thing is called a Collective noun.
Here are some examples of collective nouns.

The bunch of flowers
The bunch of keys.
11 players of the cricket team.