An INTERJECTION is short words which show strong, sudden feeling or emotions. We must put an exclamation mark (!) after an interjection which shows the Joy, Sorrow, Wonder. Also, see the use of Conjunction.

    • • Hey! What are you doing?
    • • Wow! What a nice shirt.
    • • Alas! My friend is dead.
    • • Ohh No! I forgot to bring my mobile.
    • • Hurrah! we won the competition.
    • • Congrats! He finally got his Bachelor’s degree.
    • • Oh dear! I don’t know what should I do about this mess.
    • • Pip pip! Let’s get moving.
    • • Shoot! I forgot my sister’s birthday.

Besides these specific interjections, a normal can also be used an interjection. It is used to express emotions or feelings.

    • • No! Don’t. Touch it, it is hot.
    • • What! Am I selected for the job?
    • • Help! I am about to fall.
    • • Well! I will try my level best.

Adjectives which are used as interjections.

    • • Nice! You got the first position in your first car race game.
    • • Sweet! I got a PS4 for my birthday.
    • • Good! Now you can move on to the next Chapter.

Noun phrases which are used as interjections.

    • • Congratulations! you won the match.
    • • Hello! How are you?

Short clauses which are used as interjections.

    • • Alina is our Mathematics teacher. Oh, the horror!

Some interjections are sounds.

  • • Ugh! I’m never doing that again!
  • • Whew! That was really close!
  • • Uh-oh! Dude, I think They are in serious trouble.
  • • Phew! She is not trying that again.
  • • Humph! I knew that last day.


Here are some more examples of interjections with their definitions.

  • Ahem – It means ‘attention’ or ‘listen’ and also clearing their throat.
  • Boo – Used to scare someone suddenly.
  • Eh – It is used when you didn’t understand or hear that what someone said.
  • Ew – It’s showing disgust or dislike.
  • Hmm – This can mean you agree with someone or thinking or hesitating.
  • Oops – when you accidentally do something.
  • Yahoo – When you Expresses joy or happiness.
  • Yoo-hoo – It shows the extra excitement and is usually used by women.
  • Yeah – It shows a very strong affirmation or approval.
  • Wow – It shows surprise or amazement.
  • Ooh-la-la – A way to refer to something as fancy or special.

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