An adverb is a word that describes a verb. It tells you about an action or the way something is done. A lot of adverbs end in -ly. See Verb and it’s kinds.

  • It is raining heavily.
  • The sun is shining brightly.
  • The old man walked slowly.
  • The soldiers fought bravely.
  • The birds are singing sweetly.

Adverbs Of Manner

These Adverbs tell about the manner of the action(verb), whether it is done happily or unhappily.

  • Please speak clearly.
  • You have answered all correctly.
  • Maria is behaving selfishly.
  • The man drove carelessly.
  • She played skillfully.

Adverbs Of Time

Adverb of time describes when something happens.

  • Everyone arrived early.
  • It’s snowing again.
  • She will finish it by tomorrow.
  • The weather is fine this morning.
  • Ali arrived late.

Adverbs Of Place

Adverb of Place describes where something happens.

  • Come here!
  • Please put the books there.
  • They are going abroad to study.
  • There are trees everywhere.
  • Where’s Ali?

Adverbs Of Frequency

Adverb of Frequency shows how often an action takes place.

  • Ali goes to school daily.
  • Sometimes he plays Cricket.
  • They don’t usually do that.
  • often go to her house to chat.
  • They frequently did.

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