The Would meaning and the use of would modal verb has different uses in spoken English, which include polite request, taking permission, invitations, making arrangements and talking about preferences. We also use Modal Verb Will as a future tense.


Formula: Subject + would + Verb 1st(form) + Object


It belongs to future tense which deals different uses.

  • I would give you cell phone.
  • They would go to the office.
  • Alina would go with us for a picnic.
  • Formula: Subject + would + Verb 1st(form) + Object

    More Examples

    Here is the use of Would Modal verb and their examples.

    For politeness

    We use it for expressing the politeness in a sentence.

    • They would invite us.
    • I would pray for you.
    • She would come with us.

For Asking

When we have to invite someone.

  • Would you like to play with us?
  • Would you like to come in a festival?
  • Would you like to come to the party on Sunday?

For Asking Permission

Here is the use of would modal verb is to take permission.

  • Would I go with Ali?
  • Would I be able to leave early today?
  • Would I go outside for playing Cricket?
  • For Request

    Here is the would meaning and use of it to request to someone.

    • Would you please pass me this book?
    • Would you be able to post this parcel?
    • Would you please keep this cup on the table?

For Talking About Preferences

It talks about Preference.

  • I would prefer to eat ice cream.
  • Would you like burger or pizza for dinner?
  • Would you like to go to a beach or somewhere else?

For Making Arrangements

It talk’s about making arrangements.

  • Would Friday at 8 pm suit you?
  • Saturday at 6 pm would suit me.
  • Would Monday suitable for a meeting?
  • For Past

    It talk’s about the past addiction.

    • Ali would play with us.
    • They would play Cricket.
    • I would run fast When I was a kid.