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Wh What is for asking Particular information and also it talks about something good and something bad and another use is for Unlimited Choice Wh What is covers all the things.


Wh What is for particular information & things &
Talks about Something Good or Bad & For Unlimited Choice.

Formula: What + Any Interrogative (Sentence)
  • What was she saying? -Nothing special
  • What is your brother name? -Ali
  • What does Ali teach? -English Language
Formula: What + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

More Examples

Here are some more examples of questioning word What with meanings.


    For Present

  • What is your name? -Ali
  • What does he do in Dubai? -He works there
  • What is your mobile phone security code? -1234
  • What's the matter? -Nothing
  • For Past

  • What was Ali saying about my car? -It is beautiful
  • What was the reason for leaving school? -Financial Problems
  • What did he say to you? -He was asking for my book
  • What you had in your pocket? -That was my Cellphone
  • For Future

  • What will you bring for me from the market? -Pizza
  • What would you like to take for dinner? -Stake
  • What will happen after this? -I don't know
  • What will you give as a birthday gift? -It's secret

Asking Questions

Here are some Asking questions between two persons, It's just an example for highlighting the use of What with meanings.

Alex: Hey what is your name?

Jhon: Hii! my name is Jhon.

Alex: What you want to become?

Jhon: I want to become a doctor.

Alex: What time is it right now Jhon?

Jhon: It's 7'O Clock.

Alex: What were you used to do in England?

Jhon: I used to do the job.