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Wh Whom is for asking about the object of the verb or a person who is going to receive the action.


Inquiry about Object of the verb.

Formula: Whom + Any Interrogative (Sentence)
  • Whom are you going to invite? -My friends
  • Whom is Ali hiring for the job? -Designers
  • Whom did you meet? -I met with my friends
Formula: Whom + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

More Examples

Here are some more examples of WH Questioning word Whom with meanings.


    For Present

  • Whom are you calling? -My friend
  • Whom do you want to help you? -Poor peoples.
  • Whom do you support?
  • Whom do you want to meet? -Mr Adnan
  • For Past

  • With whom did you go to market? -My sister
  • Whom did she blame for the accident? -The other driver
  • Whom did he hire to do the job? -Workers
  • Whom did you see? -My friend
  • For Future

  • with whom will you come today? -Brother
  • Whom will give you money? -Father
  • With Whom would you like to play this game? -With my friend
  • With whom will you come to the party? -With my brother

Asking Questions

Here are some Asking questions between two brothers they are discussing the tomorrow party just for highlighting the use of Whom with meanings.

Alex: Whom are you going to invite in the party?

Jhon: Just my friends will come to the party.

Alex: To whom were you calling?

Jhon: yeah that was my friend, he was asking about the party.