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We use questioning word Which when we want to know about limited choice from any person.

Wh Which

Which is used for Inquiry about Limited Choice.

Formula: Which + Any Interrogative (Sentence)
  • Which book will you purchase?
  • Which dress will you wear to the party?
  • Which mobile phone will you purchase?
Formula: Which + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

More Examples

Here are some more examples of questioning word Which with meanings.


    For Present

  • Which one is your pen? -The red one
  • Which colour is your favourite? -Blue
  • Which shirt do you want to gift? -Black one
  • Which is your favourite dress from these? -The blue one.
  • For Past

  • Which was your favourite book? -God Father
  • Which movie was your favourite? -Escape Plan
  • Which dish did you eat first in the party? -Stake
  • Which cat you had in your past? -I had Persian cat
  • For Future

  • Which dish would you like to eat? -Stake
  • Which card will you take from these? -Ace
  • Which movie will you watch in cinema? -Mission Impossible
  • Which dress would you prefer me to wear in the party? -The black one

Asking Questions

Here are some Asking questions between two friends, they are getting ready for going to a party, It's just an example for highlighting the use of questioning word Which with meanings.

Alex: Which dress are you going to wear to the party?

Jhon: I would like to wear this blue one.

Alex: Which hand watch will you wear?

Jhon: That black one.

Alex: Which shoes are you wearing in the party?

Jhon: I think this black one will suit with the blue dress.

Alex: Which is your glasses from these?

Jhon: This black one is mine.