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Questioning word How meaning is to know about the Way and asking about condition or quality.

Wh How

Use for Inquiry about Way or Manner.

Formula: How + Any Interrogative (Sentence)
  • How are you? -I'm fine.
  • How do you solve the puzzle?
  • How do you go to the office? -by car.
Formula: How + Any Interrogative (Sentence)

More Examples

Here are some more examples of Wh questioning word How with meanings.


    For Present

  • How are you, Ali? -I am fine.
  • How is your cat? No, my cat is still ill.
  • How do you make websites? -I know how to make.
  • How do you solve this complicated task? -Easily.
  • For Past

  • How was your exam? -That was good.
  • How was the weather of Lahore? -It was cloud.y
  • how did you help him? -I gave some money to him.
  • How did you start writing your book? -With strong passion.
  • For Future

  • You have lost your bike, How will you go back? -By bus.
  • How will it work? -we have to recharge its battery first.
  • It's raining, How will you play Cricket? -No, I will not play.
  • You have injured, how will you come with me? -No, I will not come with you.

Asking Questions

Here are some Asking questions between two friends just for highlighting the use of questioning word How with meanings.

Alex: how are you Jhon

Jhon: I am fine Alex.

Alex: How old are you?

Jhon: I am 22 years old.

Alex: How was your visit?

Jhon: That was Awesome.

Alex: How was the weather in England?

Jhon: yeah! The weather was cloudy.

Alex: how did you come?

Jhon: yeah we came by Air.