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Simple Future Tense to indicate an action or condition that hasn’t happened yet and will occur after saying or in future. And also it's used to take an instant decision to give threat someone and for prediction and possibility.

For Future

It is used for Prediction, Threat, Instant decision & Possibility.

Formula : Subject + Helping Verb + Verb 1st + Object
  • They will go to the picnic.
  • Alina will give birthday party next week.
  • I will take admission in university next month.
  • Negative: She will not come with us.
  • Interrogative: Will she come with us?
  • Neg. Int: Will she not come with us?


✔️When we talk about Profession, Relation, Existence & Condition so we will always use this verb be

And When we talk about Property, Illness & Parts of the body so we will use this verb Have / Has.

Verb 1st
(be) Is, Am, Are Condition, Profession, Relation & Existence
Have, Has Property, Illness & Parts of body

Non-Action / State

We use it for Condition & Property.

Formula: Subject + Helping Verb + Verb 1st + Object

  • She will be fatty. (Condition)
  • He will be a doctor. (Profession)
  • She will be her sister. (Relation)
  • Ali will be at home. (Existence)

  • I will have cell phone tomorrow. (Property)
  • She will have a cough. (Illness)
  • He will have long hairs. (Parts of body)

More Examples

Here are some more examples of Tense Future Simple.


  • He will be an engineer.
  • They will be in cinema.
  • Alina and Alina will be in a relationship.
  • Alina will be in a fever.

Note: For Negative Sentences, we will simply add Not.

  • Negative: They will not be an engineer.
  • Interrogative: Will they be an engineer?
  • Neg. Int: They Will they not be an engineer?

  • He will have an expensive car.
  • Alina will have an own house.
  • Ali will have an iphone.
  • Negative: He will not have an expensive car.
  • Interrogative: Will he have an expensive car?
  • Neg. Int: Will he not have an expensive car?