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Past Perfect Tense to talk about those actions which started in the Past and also done in the Past Time. Usually, a long time ago and action which has occurred in past before another action in past.

Completed Action

A completed action before past simple.

Formula: Subject + Helping Verb + Verb 3rd + Object
  • Alina had made food.
  • They had watched the movie.
  • When they reached the station, The train had gone.
  • Negative: We had not met before.
  • Interrogative: Had we met before?
  • Neg. Int: Had we not met before?
Formula: Subject + Helping Verb(Had) + Verb 3rd(form) + Object

More Examples

Here are some more examples of Tense Past Perfect.


  • He had played cricket
  • Alina had climbed up to the Plane.
  • The patient had died before the doctor came.
  • Ali had gone to office.
  • They had watched a movie.

  • He had not played cricket.

  • Had he played cricket?

  • Had he not played cricket?


When we talk about Profession, Relation, Existence & Condition so we will always use this verb Been

And When we talk about Property, Illness & Parts of the body so we will use this verb Had.

Verb 2nd
Been Condition, Profession, Relation & Existence
Had Property, Illness & Parts of body

Non-Action / State

We use it for Condition & Property.

Formula : Subject + Helping Verb + Verb 1st + Object

  • He had been in I.C.U for four hours. (Condition)
  • Ali had been a teacher since 2008. (Profession)
  • Alina had been my friend For six months. (Relation)
  • They had been in class for two hours. (Existence)

  • Ali had had a bike for one year. (Property)
  • Alina had had a fever for four days. (Illness)
  • Ali had had long hairs for four years. (Parts of body)

Note: For Negative Sentences of Conditions we will simply add Not after the verb. And for Property, We will use Helping verb Do / Does after the verb.

  • Negative: He had not been in I.C.U for two hours.
  • Interrogative: Had he been in I.C.U for two hours?
  • Neg. Int: Had he not been in I.C.U for two hours?

  • Negative: I had not had a bike for one year.
  • Interrogative: Had I had a bike for one year?
  • Neg. Int: Had I not had a bike for one year?


Here are some basics rules of using Since and For.

Since (Starting Point)For (Time Duration)
Since MorningFor Five Hours
Since 1990For Ten Years
Since ChildhoodFor Two Days
Since AugustFor Three Hours