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The Use of Past Progressive / Continuous tense is used to express ongoing or running action which starts in past and takes a time to complete it and end in the past is called past progressive or past continues tense and for Past continuous passive voice tense.

Middle Of An Action In Past

when we are in middle of an action but in past.

Formula: Subject + Helping Verb + Verb(ing) + Object
  • Ali was playing cricket.
  • She was watching Movie.
  • They were enjoying the party.


Here are some basic past progressive / Continuous tense rules.

  • I = Was( I was student )
  • You = Were( You were student )
  • We = Were( We were student )
  • They = Were( They were student )
  • He = Was( He was student )
  • She = Was( She was student )
  • It = Was( It was Pen )
  • Any Name = Was( Chris was student )

Formula: Subject + Helping Verb(Was / Were) + Verb-ing(form) + Object

More Examples

Here are some more past progressive / Continuous tense examples.


  • She was giving lame excuses to me.
  • Ali was trying to come fast from office.
  • You were coming with us
  • We were having pizza in office.
  • They were playing cricket.

  • She was not giving lame excuses to me.
  • We were not having pizza in office.

  • Was she giving lame excuses to me?
  • Were we having pizza in office?

  • Was she not giving lame excuses to me?
  • Were we not having pizza in office?