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The use of simple past tense is when any action starts in past and ended in past usually a very little time before speaking. The time of action is not specified in terms of a long time ago or short ago but it makes a sense that the action has done a little time ago for Past simple passive voice tense.

Finished Action

An action started in the past and finished in the past.

Formula: Subject + Verb 2nd(form) + Object
  • Alina gave presentation yesterday.
  • Children went to school.
  • They went to the picnic.
  • Negative: I did not give a presentation yesterday.
  • Interrogative: Did I give a presentation yesterday?
  • Neg. Int: Did I not give a presentation yesterday?
Note: Whenever we make Affirmative sentences so we use Verb 2nd form, But when we will make Negative or Negative Interrogative sentences so we will convert Verb 2nd form into verb 1st form.


Here are some basic simple past tense rules.

  • I = Was( I was student )
  • You = Were( You were student )
  • We = Were( We were student )
  • They = Were( They were student )
  • He = Was( He was student )
  • She = Was( She was student )
  • It = Was( It was Pen )
  • Any Name = Was( Chris was student )


When we talk about Profession, Relation, Existence & Condition so we will always use these verb Was / Were

And When we talk about Property, Illness & Parts of the body so we will use this verb Had.

Verb 2nd
Was / Were Condition, Profession, Relation & Existence
Had Property, Illness & Parts of the body

Non-Action / State

We use it for Condition & Property.

Formula: Subject + Verb 2nd + Object

  • There were cold in Islamabad. (Condition)
  • Alina was a teacher. (Profession)
  • They were good friends. (Relation)
  • Ali was in office. (Existence)

  • I had four markers. (Property)
  • Alina had a fever. (Illness)
  • Ali had long hairs. (Parts of body)

More Examples

Here are some more simple past tense examples.

Note: For Negative Sentences of Conditions we will simply add Not after the helping verb.

  • Negative: She was not clever.
  • Interrogative: Was she week?
  • Neg. Int: Was she not a week?

  • Negative: I did not have two markers.
  • Interrogative: Did I have two markers?
  • Neg. Int: Did I not have two markers?