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It talks about that work or action which never happened in your life till now.

Yet + Verb


Negative Of Sofar.

Formula: Subject + Helping Verb + Verb 3rd + Object + Yet
  • he has not taken food yet.
  • Ali has not used Facebook yet.
  • We have not seen the movie yet.
Formula: Subject + Helping Verb(has / have) + Verb 3rd(form) + Object + Yet

More Examples

Here are some more examples of structure Yet.


  • I haven't used twitter yet.
  • Ali hasn't purchased Iphone yet.
  • Alina hasn't gone outside with friends yet.
  • We haven't watched any movie yet.
  • They haven't got any gift yet.

  • There is no negative sense because it's already giving negative sense. We use Sofar structure to tell about partially completed work.

  • Has Ali purchased iphone yet?
  • Have they g0t any gift yet?

  • Hasn't Ali purchased iphone yet?
  • Haven't they got any gift yet?