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It talks about uptill now and that work which is continue and partially completed action which is in progress and did not finish yet.

So far + Verb


It talks about partially completed work.

Formula: Sofar + Subject + Helping Verb + Verb 3rd(form) + Object
  • So far she has passed matric.
  • So far he has taken two classes.
  • So far they have reached Lahore.
Formula: Sofar + Subject + Helping Verb(has / have) + Verb 3rd(form) + Object

More Examples

Here are some more examples of structure Sofar.


  • Sofar I have completed Matriculation.
  • Sofar Ali has purchased two dresses.
  • Sofar Alina has cooked rice.
  • Sofar we have watched one Movie.
  • Sofar they have visited only one city, they are on country tour.

  • Sofar Ali has not purchased any dress.
  • Sofar we haven't watched one Movie

Note: We use Yet structure to make interrogative and negative interrogative of sofar.