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We use been to for telling about that visit which has completed successfully and safely have reached back and it belongs to Present Tense.

Been to + Place

We use it for a completed visit.

Formula: Subject + Helping Verb + Been to + Object(Place)
  • She has been to Uk.
  • Chris has been to school.
  • They have been to a picnic.
Formula: Subject + Helping Verb(Has / Have) + Been to + Object(Place)

More Examples

Here are some more examples of Been to.

Tip: We can't use I, We, You subject.


  • She has been to Dubai.
  • Ali has been to school.
  • They have been to a picnic.

  • She hasn't been to Dubai(It is not used in speaking English)

  • Has she been to Dubai?
  • Have they been to a picnic?

  • Have they not been to a picnic?

Relation with Gone to

There is a relation between Been to and Gone to, by these examples, you will easily understand the difference.

Been to (Completed Visit)Gone to (Incomplete Visit)
Alina has been to LahoreAlina has gone to Lahore
He has been to the OfficeHe has gone to the office
They have been to GymnasiumThey have gone to Gymnasium
In Been to Subject has completed their visit
and safely reached back.
In Gone to the Subject has started their visit
but not completed yet.