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We use present perfect passive voice tense to talk about those actions that have occurred or completed in present time and for present perfect active voice tense.

Completed Action

An action started in past and just finished but connected with the present.

Formula: Object + Helping Verb + been + Verb 3rd(form)
  • The Lecture has been given.
  • They have been eliminated.
  • Iphone 7 has been launched.
Formula: Object + Helping Verb(Have / Has) + been + Verb 3rd(form)

More Examples

Here are some more present perfect Passive Voice tense examples.


  • They have been eliminated.
  • The movie has been watched.
  • Cricket has been played by him.
  • First prize has been gotten by you.
  • The presentation has been given by Alina.
  • Oscar award has been given by Tom Cruise.
  • Air Condition has been repaired by a mechanic.

  • The movie has not been watched.
  • Cricket has not been played by him.

  • Has the movie been watched?
  • Has cricket been played by him?

  • Has the movie not been watched?
  • Has cricket not been played by him?


By these examples, you can easily understand the difference between Active Voice and present perfect Passive Voice tenses.

Active VoicePassive Voice
Alina has fed an animalAn animal has been fed by Alina
They have watched movieThe movie has been watched by them
Empire has given the decision of outThe decision has been given of out by the Empire
Many tourists have visited that old houseThat old house has been visited by many tourists