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We use Present Continuous passive voice tense for that action which is going on at the same time of speaking. But, in passive, doer is not mentioned in subjective form. It's used as an object and for present continuous Active Voice tense.

Middle Of An Action

We use it for present running action.

Formula: Object + Helping Verb + (being) + Verb(ing)
  • English is being spoken.
  • A lecture is being given by the Teacher.
  • Football is being played by the players.
Formula: Object + Helping Verb(is / am / are) + (being) + Verb-ing(form) + by + Object(subject of Active Voice)

More Examples

Here are some more present continuous passive voice tense examples.


  • They are being eliminated.
  • The movie is being watched.
  • Air Condition is being repaired.
  • A Presentation is being given by Ali.
  • Furniture is being made by the carpenter.
  • Oscar award is being given to Tom Cruise.

  • The movie is not being watched.
  • Air Condition is not being repaired.

  • Is movie being watched?
  • Is Air Condition being repaired?

  • Is movie not being watched?
  • Is Air Condition not being repaired?


By these examples, you can easily understand the difference between Active Voice tense and Present Continuous passive voice tense.

Active VoicePassive Voice
Alina is writing the letterThe letter is being written by Alina
He is playing cricketCricket is being played by him
You are cooking cookiesThe cookies are being cooked by him
The washerman is washing the clothesThe clothes are being washed by the washerman