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English Craze is happy to announce that we will be awarding scholarships to successful students who have proven their ability to proofread other published works. our aim to find those students who are excellent at reading and in English grammar by identifying mistakes within published texts. It could be any newspapers, article and other briefly described texts get published without being properly proofread. For the purpose of this scholarship, 'the paper' will refer to newspapers or any other published material either online or offline.


Candidates must currently be registered at an accredited high school, college or university Students may be required to provide proof that they meet the requirements. Please note that candidates don't require to be a citizen of the country in which their academic institution is located.

How to Apply

Candidates must identify a minimum of one published text that contains at least one of the following 1) grammatical mistakes, 2) a spelling error or incorrect use of punctuation. 3) a lacking word / incorrect sentence, or You must have strong basic English grammar, mention a link of (URL) in to the document or clearly explain where we can locate the text (a picture of a page in a book is also acceptable), where the error is and explain why you believe there is an error in the text. see the use of passive voice tense, Please take special care to proof your entry since we are a global editing and proofreading service that values high quality, well-polished writing.

Please submit your entry in .pdf or .doc format to us via along with your first name and last name, country of residence, academic institution, and mailing address. The deadline to enter via email is December 31, 2017. All successful candidates will be announced on Januay 10, 2018, and will be contacted via email.

For more details Contact us.