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About English Craze

The purpose of is spread the knowledge about the English Language. It is grammar Tutorials site english craze deals parts of speech, Tenses(Active Voice), Passive voice, Modal verbs, WH Questions, Structures till now, our plain is to enhance the site in future. We want to educate the students especially those student who want to learn English Grammar.

Easy Learning

English Craze focus on simplicity.

English Craze focus on straight-forward learning with easy examples.

English Craze start with basic grammar then move on ahead.

English Craze is Free

English Craze is free and will always be, we will spread the knowledge as we can for students.

You Can help

Many people are working very hard to make English Craze interesting, useful, and correct.

If you find an error, any grammatical mistake or a broken link, please tell us about it.

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